Monday, October 27, 2014

There were goings-on afoot this weekend, which was kind of nice since being a shut-in gets a little boring.

I don't know if people lose their shit at sales everywhere, or if it's just a Pasadena thing, but I made what may or may not have been a mistake by going to Michael's on Saturday when they were selling off their Halloween inventory at 50% off.  I've learned, while living out here, not to wait for things to clearance at lower prices because--as I mentioned--people lose their shit the minute you start lowering prices.  I've seen an entire inventory at Target, both Christmas and Halloween, get decimated at 20% off.  That's just stupid.  Had I been left to my druthers I would have waited til yesterday to grab up my clearance items, at a whopping 70% off.

As it was, Michael's was pretty well destroyed.  Their Lemax Spooky Town buildings and accessories were all but gone.  I managed to get a tree stump, still in its package, for less than $2.  For what little else I got I had to ravage the village display, which was already picked clean.  I got most of a set of coffins for 99 cents a piece, which was kind of a ripoff because the set of three was selling for $1.99.  But I feel like I made up for it by getting the complete pair of monster mailboxes for $1.98, on sale for $2.38 that day.

Sadly, I couldn't find any headstones.

Yesterday was the day I'd been waiting patiently for.  Yesterday was the Orange County Market Hearse Show.  The Fixer and I have gone before, and it's always pretty fun.  We've probably seen the same hearses a few times before, but it really doesn't get old.

From tame...

to less tame.

Looks like Insane In The Mom Brain's kids hitched a ride.

That's reassuring.

Hug me!

There were even casket or coffin racers, though no demo.

Had there been an actual race, I know The Fixer would have slapped some wheels and a motor on our coffin a long time ago.

It currently houses excess glassware.

At one point our trip turned educational:

Those are embalming tools, in case you wondered.

There was even a blood-drive!

Pictured here:  Not a blood-drive.

And we were all reminded that while summer may be over in most of the country, here in sunny California temperatures can still reach the 90s all year round.

Don't leave your pets in the car guys!

Finally, and really the whole point of going when you're baby-laden, was trick or treating.

Give me your candy.

We had an excellent time, and toward the end I got to staple a five dollar bill to a guy's stomach and watch some sword swallowing.

And then The Fixer, myself, and a pooped Stinkbug went home.

Ah, another successful day of not being photographed! And for the record, that kitten/skull t-shirt was totes popular. Haters gonna hate.

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