Monday, November 3, 2014

Weak Willed

I kept saying I'd do an unboxing video of Horror Block, and it even came on Halloween.  But....

I couldn't resist.  I didn't even wait for The Fixer to get out of the bathroom, I wanted to open it so bad!  I'd already watched an unboxing, so I knew what was in it.  That was probably half of the problem.  I knew, mostly, what I was getting and I was totally excited.  If you're dying for a video, you can search on YouTube.  Lots of people do them, it's kind of fun to be honest.  But for those of you who can appreciate some descriptive writing, I'll just tell you about what came in the box.

First out was a t-shirt.  It featured a black, white, and red print of Jason Voorhees, which The Fixer claimed on the grounds that I got the kitten skull shirt.  I reminded him that he just got a bazillion t-shirts for his birthday and a condition of my not stealing the fuck out of this one would be that he cleaned out all the shirts he doesn't wear anymore.  So, essentially, I got him to clean something by bribing him with something that was technically his already. 

Next was an individual serving sized box of  "cereal" that was, in fact, the packaging for Cereal Killers sticker cards.  I super love these because they're a throw back to monster cards and Garbage Pail Kids cards, of which I had a crap-ton when I was a kid.  I ended up losing them, and a ton of other cards (Addams Family movie cards spring to mind), when I moved out of state in the eighth grade.  It was a fun/sad coincidence because my friend Tara and I were talking about Garbage Pail Kids that day.  Needless to say, she's super jealous.

There was a Funko reaction figure included, with a 50/50 chance of getting Sam from Trick 'r Treat or Jason Voorhees--a nice tie in with the shirt.  I ended up getting Sam, which I'm happy with.  It serves to remind The Fixer, everyday, that he's never seen Trick 'r Treat and that his life simply won't be complete until he does.

Let's see, what else?  Oh!  Instead of Rue Morgue, there was an issue of Fangoria.  I'm cool with that.  Sort of wanted the Rue Morgue, but I've bought my fair share of Fangoria.  We also got a nifty clay zombie kit.  I don't remember the brand, not because there's anything wrong with this item, but because it fell slightly outside of my interests.  Sort of.  I use clay, but usually polymer clay that you bake.  The kit was an air dry kit, and I've never actually used air dry clay.  I've been known to use polymer to make accessories for crocheted dolls, so chances are that between The Fixer and myself we'll find something to make. 

Like a scythe.

Coolest of all was an actual Blu-Ray disc of Puppet Master!  I hadn't seen this film in a long time, and it'll be just a little while longer because I don't have a Blu-Ray player.  But it's one I dig, so yay for me.  Plus, again, it's a film that The Fixer hasn't seen.  I'm starting to suspect that he's led a sheltered existence. Or his mom didn't own and operate a video store.  I thought moms just did that sort of thing.

Sorry again for the lack of video.  And the lack of photos, for that matter.  I'm weak AND I'm lazy.  I'll do better next time, which won't be for a few months.  Birthdays and Holidays have conspired to come together all at the same time of year and ruin me financially. 

Oh!  And, completely unrelated, but:

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