Friday, January 12, 2018

Spiritualism and Magick & Macabre

I legit thought I was going to miss out on this month's Wicked Witch sub box because by the time I had a little money in the bank they were completely sold out.  But then more boxes were added!  And I missed out on those too.  But then!  But THEN!  A few more boxes were added again!  And this time I got a box, and just in time.  Because I literally got my order in the week they were being shipped out.

Talk about waiting until the last minute.  I like to fly by the seat of my pants.

Paranormal Tea Party
After how good the last wax melts I'd gotten from Magick & Macabre, I was super excited to see more in this month's box.  And I was not disappointed.  The scent profile is very different; where the Belfana melts smelled like a warm and cozy dessert treat, Tea Party is very floral and a little...spicy?  Zesty, perhaps?  I dunno.  My only concern is that florals and I don't always mix, and I'm a little scared that this might trigger my asthma.  On the other hand, Belfana was such a light, delicate scent and this may follow suit.  So far Magick & Macabre hasn't felt the need to hit me over the head with their scents, making for very pleasant additions to my evening relaxation routine.  Nothing I've gotten from this company would overpower, say, the smell of my cooking (so much garlic, so much chili) but they're very nice when they're not having to compete with other scents.

Bay Laurel
Bay leaves are a common herb used for divination and fortune telling.  I've never used it because I never think to.  I have a crap ton of Bay leaves in my kitchen, which typically end up in my pollo or pavo for sandwiches.  For someone who relies on kitchen supplies for their practical magic, I sure do just end up eating most of my ingredients.  By the way, if you don't know, don't just eat Bay leaves.  You will be very sad.

Included with this little bag of Bay is what I imagine is some folk magic to divine the identity of you soulmate.  I'm tempted to give it a try, but I'm concerned that I'd only receive bad news. Like I don't have a soulmate, or they're just incredibly crappy.  Or one of my exes. 

I ran into one of my exes the other day.  He pretended to not see me, and I did the same. I'm sure he was hoping I wouldn't recognize him but I'd recognize that misshapen head anywhere regardless of how much he looks like a heroin addict now-a-days.  I'd really hate to find out that he's my soulmate.

Wormwood has a bad rap because of its association with absinthe.  Absinthe had the reputation of being mildly hallucinogenic, but would later be found to be the cause of several deaths.  It was assumed that its traditional ingredients were to blame, and was in turn banned in the U. S.  It has come to light in recent years that, more than likely, ingredients like wormwood weren't the cause at all, but instead the lead in absinthe bottles, as well as some extras added to intoxicate and inebriate the drinker faster.  

What am I going to do with a bag full of wormwood?  No idea.  I'm open to suggestions.

Incense Cones
The only fly in the ointment is this.  Because of allergies and asthma I can't use incense of any type.  I wasn't always like this.  I can only assume that overexposure from years of burning incense while getting stoned out of my gourd is to blame.  There is no "may" to it, I'm definitely giving this away.  Possibly on Instagram.  No contests, just whoever raises their hand, so to speak, first.

Cat not included.

Divination Kit
This is easily one of the coolest things I've gotten in a box, right along with that sweet ass spoon I got in November.  The box is a standard wood box, like one that you would buy at an art supply store, that had been stained and has the image of a Tarot card Mod Podged over top.  In the box was a miniature deck of standard playing cards, some mugwort (I think.  I honestly don't remember exactly, and I don't feel like finding the paper.), and a piece of quartz with amethyst.  Also included, but not shown in this picture, were directions for reading standard cards for divination.  This is a fun skill to have, and not many people know how.  I used to be able to, though not in the fashion shown in the directions, and I'm pretty stoked to give this a try.

Cat still not included.

Cameo Necklace
Not technically magical, but how excited was I when I saw it?!  I have a long standing love of cameos, and this one is very pretty.  I had to take it off to take a picture of it because I literally shoved the box aside upon its discovery to ooh and ahh over it, then put it on and show everyone.  And by everyone I mean my mom.  She's super jelly.

Not Pictured
Not pictured is a cute ghost shaped soap that came in this box.  Why haven't I got a picture of it?  Because my mom stole it.  By "accident."  I've already called her to tell her I'm getting my soap back.  My soap.  Mine.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


I received my Krampus Box from Creeper Crate yesterday and I couldn't wait to write this.  This month's crate seemed a little light at first, but upon further inspection I saw that the items in here were few but very impressive.  While I'd gotten spoiled by the pins from Demonic Pinfestation being a regular part of these boxes, I found that this month didn't suffer from their absence.  Had there been a pin I wouldn't be able to write this because I'd need to be pealed off of the floor.

(Which reminds me, I need to grab a Love Witch bundle while they're still available.)

"Dear Disobedient Creep..."

Like a holiday greeting from Hell, this fun card was the first thing in the box.  It's got some great artwork, either directly from or inspired by the film Krampus.  I don't really have anything pithy to say about it.  It pretty well speaks for itself.

 Merry Krampus Shower Steamers from Glitter Gore Bath
These shower steamers smell AMAZING.  I drank a fair amount of whiskey last night, so when I woke up and finally got around to getting into the shower I'd forgotten all about them.  I've never regretted anything more in my life, today.  These will happen tomorrow morning.  Assuming the eggnog doesn't kick my ass tonight.  It's taken me 20 minutes just to manage to type this segment.

Krampistachio Tea from Brutaliteas

I haven't tried this yet, but I like pistachios. I like tea.  If I can add milk to it it'll be perfect.

 Krampus's Bell
This replica bell from the film is freaking awesome.  Right away I decided it needed to be on our Christmas tree.  I don't normally like having a tree but I do it for the sake of my four year old.  If I've got to bow to societal pressure to adhere to holiday customs then at least I can have a reminder of the darker traditions.  Luckily I have a million pounds of red yarn to turn whatever catches my fancy into ornaments.

Krampus can not be bribed.

I don't know if special plates just for cookies for Santa existed when I was a kid, but the tradition is old at least.  But if you're a miserable curmudgeon who probably deserves to be thrown into a bag and beaten with a stick, perhaps you can dampen the dark fury of the Krampus with some cookies and milk.  Probably not.  You'll probably just piss him off. 

I never thought I'd be the type of person who has decorative plates on little easels, but here I am.  It's a crazy world I tell you!

I'm missing out on January's Overlook Hotel Crate next month due to excess poverty, and the hope that there will be leftover Yule boxes from Magick & Macabre.  I should be back on track for March, and with luck I'll be able to grab February's Occult Box from Creeper Crate as well.  The Occult Box is a separate subscription from the usual Creeper Crate, with themes that are more...well, occult.  Less horror pop-culture, more supernatural and witchy.  I'm missing out on their Ouija theme for January, but hope to be on board from their "Live Deliciously" box. 

This post was in no way brought to you by The Wicked Library, but you should subscribe to them anyway.  The latest installment includes a traditional tale of Christmas terror brought to one deserving soul by Krampus himself, not to mention a great little story about some of those lesser known (in the U. S.) Christmas characters, such as the Jólakötturinn and the Yule Lads.

Feliz Navidad, bitches.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Star Trek Mission Crate

Okay, let's start with...

Star Trek Mission Crate Order Confirmed
You have successfully ordered the Star Trek Mission Crate! Tracking emails for the crate will go out when it ships at the end of November 2017. Your crates will be beamed to you between the 1st and 10th of December.

Reminder: as this is a bi-monthly, recurring subscription, it will automatically renew unless you cancel or the Borg finally assimilate Earth (see below for more details). 

 I found my crate today when I got home for work.  Or did I?  Confusion from the word go.

Right off the bat this wasn't what I was expecting.  I chalked it up to printing issues or something and went ahead and cracked this guy open.  I would continue to be confused and...mostly confused.  Yeah.

I know it's hard to tell but that pin was a Loot Crate exclusive from last year's "Futuristic" campaign.  I didn't get that particular crate but I do have that pin, which I picked up on eBay.  The socks were also a throwback, but at least I didn't already own them.  I like socks.  Ok, I'm down with the socks.

What you probably can't see in this picture is the sweat inside of the packaging.  That would be the fragrance condensation because this air freshener is TWO YEARS OLD!!!!  I mean, I'm still going to put it in my car, assuming it hasn't become weird or toxic, but what is going on guys?!?

Alright, this was actually kind of neat, but it's from last year again.  At this point this box was beginning to feel like one of the last Horror Blocks from earlier this summer.  Just a box of stuff that was thrown together at the last minute.  At least it was all indeed Star Trek themed, but by now I was becoming alarmed.

This was the only item that was from this year, though I don't know if it was from yet another previous crate.  Needless to say I was incredibly confused because I was expecting this:

NONE OF THIS HAPPENED!!! This crate was due between December 1 and December 10, and today on December 15 I am over here like:

So I did what I did best and basically stalked Loot Crate and this particular crate and found out that this isn't the Mission Crate at all!!!  If there had been an update or email, I either hadn't received it or simply don't remember.  It's just as likely that I'd forget something like this, but somehow I think I would remember the things keeping me away from my sweet sweet Jean Luc.  So I went looking for answers.

 So here I sit, still waiting.  Exhausted from a roller coaster ride of emotions.  I'm still confused, but I'm back to my default level of confusion.  I have two LLAP pins.  I'm considering giving it to my fiance but if we're being real here, it's not like I don't not need two pins. I don't even know if that's grammatically correct.  I've been drinking eggnog with sherry and Rumchata.  What I'm trying to say is that I have one for display and one to put on my Federation uniform messenger bag.  Like the sexy bitch that I am.  

Sorry there's no links.  It's nothing short of miraculous that I got the pictures uploaded.  I'm not trying to find where my links are supposed to go, let alone make sure that I'm using the correct links to begin with.  There's Star Trek parody porn and I'm the kind of asshole who not only has it bookmarked but would accidentally link it in a review of a box full of actual innocent toys.  

Google it.  The Crate, not the porn.  Or Google the porn.  I'm not here to judge.  I'm certainly not in a position to do so.  

Live long and prosper.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Winter Wonderland

Winter is, literally.  Like, in a couple of weeks.  And I am all set with my Witchbaby Soap Spell Box for Winter 2017/2018.

Get naked.  Do witchcraft.

I've never been disappointed in a Witchbaby box, and this time is no exception.  Even on occasions where a body butter scent wasn't up my alley I couldn't say that it was a bad product.  Everything I've ever gotten from Witchbaby has been a quality product, and when it does happen that I don't care for a scent (too floral, not spicy enough, whatever) I have sisters and nieces and girlfriends who are all just as into this brand as I am.  Typically this works out great because my sisters and I have very strong signature scents, so right away I know which items are a good fit for which sister.

In this box I didn't get a butter, which is fine because I have a TON.  What I did get was a Candy Quartz body scrub, which is soooo good!  The Candy Quartz body butter had been included in the spring (?) Spell Box and I would have been happy to drown in that stuff.  I'm super stoked to see this scent as a body scrub, and I look forward to not being poor anymore so I can order more butter.

What was unusual was the inclusion of a New Moon bath bomb.  It's typical for there to be a bath bomb for every full moon in a quarter, and two of those are in January which is why there's a Blue Moon bomb.  I'm kind of stoked for the extra fizzies, and this winter I have three (plus a total lunar eclipse) to choose from.

This is the second time there's been a pin in a Spell Box, and I love pins.  I'm a little bit of a pin hoarder, if I'm being honest, and this one is really cool.  I also dug the assortment of candles with anointing oil.  I have the unique gift of coming into weird things I need just when I need them, and it was getting to be about that time to find some candles.  It's not a particularly big deal to head into Kent to find some or even order them online, but things have a way of falling into my lap and I appreciate that.  Thanks universe!

The Fairy Milk is very pretty and smells nice, but once again I don't have much call for shimmery oils.  Normally I'd look to include it in a gift but this one smells nice enough that I'm contemplating ways I can use it after all.  I may decide to attempt to make a small batch of body butter so that it's in a more manageable form for me.  Maybe.  Honestly, there's a reason why I throw my money at all of these small businesses: They know what they're doing and they do it well.  We'll see what happens.

(spoiler: probably nothing good)

In addition to Witchbaby, which came in a week or so ago, I also got my November Creeper Crate.  This one came a couple days late, but only just a couple.  I've noticed that Jamie has been having a few vendor issues with this and her Nightmare Before Christmas Crate (which I didn't order), so I'm not overly upset about it.  It's not like other subscriptions I've had that basically dicked their customers over before finally folding.  But I wasn't as stoked about this crate as I was about the Sam one.  In retrospect I probably should have skipped this one because, contrary to my reading habits as a teenager, I'm not actually that into vampires.  I'm sure it's just in my head but it feels, to me, like vampires are a girl's obsession and I'm a grown ass lady who prefers my horror to be less romantic and more "I should probably seek therapy."

Having said that, I still dig the t-shirt.  It doesn't scream "vampire" to me as much as "Rocky Horror Picture Show," so I'm just going to pretend that that was the intention.

But we can't get too dirty because there is included in this crate a blood orange scented soap from Sick Soaps!

I couldn't get a good sniff through the plastic, and I'm disinclined to open it before I'm ready to use it, but I like blood orange and fully expect it to smell good. 

Next came a sticker.

It didn't do a lot for me.  It's a well made sticker, with no smears or runs, I said, were I a smarter woman I would have just passed on this crate.  Waited it out until December's Krampus.  Still, I like Near Dark and I like stickers so it'll join the others on my mirror.

Demonic Pinfestation is a pretty regular part of the Creeper Crate lineup, and I love it.  I have a confession to make.  I frequently want to buy pins from Demonic Pinfestation but I'm somewhat intimidated by their work.  I get like that sometimes, where something is almost too good for me to buy.  Like maybe I don't deserve it?  I dunno.  Either way I can now add a Lilith pin (Tales From The Crypt: Bordello of Blood, for those who may not know) to my growing collection from this company. 

Ok.  I like Fright Night.  I haven't had a chance to see the 2011 version because I'm lazy and forget to do things, but I hear that it was pretty good.  While I'm reserving judgment, I'm willing to bet it's not terrible. 

I don't like this post card.  I like that it's a post card, don't get me wrong!  I just...

I just don't collect a lot of vampire things!  I mean, I collect some but it's often more of the campy variety.  I will never meet my dark prince and be whisked away into a blood and sex drenched endless night because I need to scrub out my bathtub and make dinner.  And I'm cool with that.

Can we speed this up?  I want to make it to the preschool pickup line early.

I won't be reviewing Magick and Macabre's December Horned God box because I'm broke.  I've taken on more financial hardship this month than the typical holiday spend-fest and I've had to suspend most - if not all - of my subscriptions.  I'd be more bummed but the nice thing about Magick and Macabre is that you can still order a box after it's subscription date.  You may end up spending a bit more, depending on what was in it, but if it turns out I truly feel like I missed out on something I will still have an opportunity to get it.  I'll also be missing out on January's Creeper Crate, for the same reason, but similarly may be able to get this crate later if there are extras after its subscription run.  I've already paid for Krampus earlier last month, so I'll still have something to look forward to this month.

Until then!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Witchin' in the Kitchen! Magick and Macabre

Almost as soon as I hit "publish" on my last post Magick and Macabre's Wicked Witch Subscription box showed up on my doorstep.  I always sort of hate people who jump to post unboxing videos because, depending on where you live, there may be a lag in delivery time.  And spoilers are almost always a bummer.  So I waited until I was certain that those who ordered this box had it in their witchy little mitts because I don't really write this for the "initiated," if you will, but for those who might be on the fence about ordering certain boxes or for those who are just interested in new stuff that they might not have heard of.

Last month was their Samhain themed box, which was mostly worthwhile for the mini cauldron, but honestly I wasn't super stoked about most of the rest.  I felt like it fell somewhere between for those who are really just beginning in any sort of witchcraft and is super pumped to do any and every spell, and for those who who just like to dabble.  Because I'm neither a neither of those, nor am I a ritual Pagan, or even someone who has a dedicated altar, this box just didn't hit the bullseye dead on.  But the minute you whisper the words "Kitchen Witch" I'm almost certainly sold.  I'm not a girl who frequently feels the need to pull out all the stops and go whole hog in magic, but I am a girl who has a few tricks up her sleeve when I'm in the kitchen, garden, or bathtub.  Are there cups of vinegar in my freezer...for reasons?  Maybe.

I am a sucker for Halloween and witchy-themed pot holders, and this fits the bill perfectly!  I love when folks have the good sense to save Halloween stuff to give me later in the off season, and while I know that it wasn't picked specifically for me, it felt like it was.  When I got my own home for my son and I, and later Bob and LeeLee, one of the first things I picked up to sort of make the place my own was a little sign that says "Home of The Wicked Witch and Her Little Monsters."  This would wind up being my favorite thing in the box because it felt...special.  It brought back good memories.

Another item that hit home perfectly was Magick and Macabre's La Befana wax melts.  I like my house to stink pretty, and I especially love the scent of baked goods, so (insert heart eye emojis here)!  Technically La Befana is a Yule character, but if ever there was a witch who got up to shenanigans in the kitchen I'm sure it's her.  Plus I'm not super familiar with Italian traditions concerning holidays or the belief in witches and witchcraft, except for maybe vaguely in passing (I knew there was a Christmas witch, I just didn't know anything about her), so it gave me something to learn about.  We're not Italian, but I'm seriously considering introducing the idea of a Christmas Witch to Stinkbug.

Pentacle Ritual Spoon

This was very impressive?  I'm unsure of what kind of wood it's made of, and in retrospect I wish I'd emailed  them to find out for this.  I still will, but whether I remember to update is totally a mystery. As I mentioned, I'm not a dedicated altar kinda kid, but I'd seriously consider trying to set one up with this little guy and last month's mini cauldron.  While the post holder was my favorite thing, this was definitely the coolest.  Almost too cool for me.  I'm not cool.

You can't sit with us.

Under the spoon you may have noticed a little hand drawn card.  It's a mini-zine with tea recipes!  I'm a tea whore and I love recipes, so I'm into it.  This neat little goody is meant to correspond with:

Love Tea Kit

 An organic blend of teas crafted by the owner of Magick and Macabre, Bee.  It came in a pretty basic tin, which I appreciate because utility trumps aesthetics any day for me, a tea sachet and a chunk of rose quartz.  Will I use it magically or will I just drink it?  Probably just drink it, unless someone suddenly needs some extra love.  I always seem to have what people need just laying around. 
Co-worker needs a smudge stick?  I have 20.  Certain crystals?  I probably have you covered.  I'm the mom-est of witches.  You want some soup?  I've got some cooking right now.

Kitchen Witch Pentacle Necklace

 I'm not sure what makes this a "Kitchen Witch" pentacle specifically, unless it's the ginger, but I rarely look cute jewelry that suits my style in the mouth.  I don't have a lot to say about it; it's intentions to bring about good health, personal strength, and general positive energy can't really be empirically tested.  I've been having fewer crap days, which doesn't necessarily correlate with wearing a new pentacle necklace.  Whatever.  C is for cookie and that's good enough for me.

More Black Salt

I'd gotten black salt in a Witchbaby Spell box a few months back, but that had been ritually treated sea salt that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can be consumed.  This is fancy salt.  Fancy eatin' salt.  That I can still get up to stuff with.  Get you some salt that can do both girl!  I plan on tasting and testing it as just plain food first, and then I may sit on it (not literally) for a while as I decide what I'm going to do with it. 

As I've mentioned, almost all boxes are very hit or miss with me, and I've bought M&M boxes in the past and said "This isn't for me." But then they have a theme that lures me in.  Honestly, I probably wouldn't have gotten November's box if it weren't "Kitchen Witch."  Unless, of course, she figured out some other way to lure me in.  This box was from start to finish one of the best boxes I've ever gotten.  It's rare that I get to say this but it's almost as if it were curated just for me.  I'm severely tempted to get the Horned God box for December, but it will very much depend on my finances here in the next couple of weeks.  After all, 'tis the season to go into crippling holiday debt!  And I have several nieces and nephews.  And a Stinkbug.

*I should note, if I haven't in the past, that I'm never paid for my opinions on any product I write about.  Everything is paid for out of my own pocket and I only buy what I'm interested in.  MY LOVE CAN NOT BE BOUGHT!!! (maybe)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

I'm Only Two Weeks Late With This...

Today we'll be exploring October's Creeper Crate!  We were warned in advance that this crate might be a fairly late, like November late, due to a supplier shipment being delayed, but holy hell!  Jamie managed to get everything assembled and on my doorstep by October 30!  I'm just a lazy bastard who waits until it's almost time for the next crate to post about it.

Now, in my defense, I have been having a rough couple of months.  I'd started a new full time job, which I super liked, but my son wasn't digging it as much.  He'd began to have severe behavior problems, which were manifesting themselves as outright violent outbursts.  The fact that I was out the door long before he woke up and frequently was coming through the door after he'd been home for a while was taking it's toll, not to mention that I seem to have developed new and fun symptoms with a few health problems I'd long had, so I was often down for the count the minute I got home.  I've been mostly home for a week now and he's gotten to spend two whole weekdays with me, and the difference is already noticeable.

Moving on...

I didn't get a chance to take individual pictures of much in this crate because...I just didn't.  This particular crate felt a little slimmer than usual, which may be because of the haste to get it out in time, but slim or not it's still pretty solid.

Starting with the most obvious item is a Funko Reaction Sam.  Everything in this crate was Sam-centric, which was kind of a neat shift.  So far themes have been a little broader, allowing for a variety of items and characters.  This is probably the first box or crate from anyone that focused on one film, let alone one character.  Some might find this boring but, in my book, if you have to go with a single character Sam is a pretty cool one to go with.

I could be all like "But I already have that Reaction figure!" but I kind of don't care.  I don't have a Sam figure that's not packed away in storage, so I win.  Plus, since these aren't super rare, and I'm not expecting them to leap in value anytime soon, I can give it to my son.  He loves creepy things, it's the exact size he likes his action figures to be, and I'm an awesome mom like that.  I will, however, be keeping the mini lollipop because I'm also a mom who's aware of choking hazards.  So really, when you think about it, there was an extra prize for my kid in October's crate.  Thanks!

Next up are some Sam socks.  I wasn't 100% sure at first, but deduced from the free-floating Butchovision sticker that they came from that website.  These are some weird, heal-less socks that are extra thick which makes me think they'd be cozy, but alas!  My legs are too fat!  Fat legs are the #1 cause of not being able to wear cute-as-fuck knee socks in the world.  You could argue that I could just try to make my legs less fat, but I really can't!  Underneath the layer of fat is a ridiculous layer of muscle because of how much I walk, the fact that I live up a steep flight of stairs, and the fact that I am employed as a lifter of many many heavy boxes.  Many heavy boxes.  What I lack in upper body strength I make up for in my ability to crush a man's scull with my thighs.  File that mental image away for later fellas!

The next items are some wax melts from Terror Tarts!  Now, when I say "some wax melts" what I mean is "HOLY HELL, THESE SMELL SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!"  The last time I'd gotten Terror Tarts in a box were Jason Voorhees hockey mask shaped ones that smelled amazing, and these Sam ones do no disappoint.  If you're against your house smelling delicious, just skip on ahead, otherwise you should probably consider checking them out. 

In my ongoing collection/hoarding habit of soaps I can now add "Samhain" from Dearg Due Bath and Body.  I couldn't find a site to link, and what I am assuming is their Instagram account says "coming soon," so I hope they're still active because YAY SOAP! I haven't tried it yet, because I'm still tits deep in soaps from everyone else, but it's definitely going into rotation soon. 

The final item was a necklace from Sparkle Monster

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't too into this one.  I usually know someone I can re-gift things I'm not so wild about to, but I just don't know many women that are as jazzed about Trick 'r Treat as I am.  It's rare for there to be such a huge miss for me and Creeper Crate, and I was a little bummed until...wait for it!...I realized I could totally re-purpose it as a Christmas tree ornament!

What!?  So, with the exception of my fat legs, this was a great box!  I've got Magick Macabre's "Kitchen Witch" coming this month, as well as my November Creeper Crate.  I'll try to be a little more timely with my posts.  Assuming my four year old hasn't burned down a church between now and then.

Actual photo of my child.

Monday, October 16, 2017

I'm Baaaaack!

It's been a hot minute, or two years worth of them at least.  While I've been gone Nerd Block, and subsequently Horror Block, has gone belly up.  I've gotten a new job, Stinkbug can finally talk, and my house is packed with more junk than ever before.

I've subscribed to different boxes since then, some only one-off purchases while others are more long term commitments.  I've been meaning to review some of these, but I've been insanely busy with work and household garbage. I always feel like I should be doing videos because that's what everyone does - it's all the rage you know - but I just never got the hang of doing videos, I don't particularly like doing them, and I just plain like writing better.  Sue me.

Please don't.

I recently got boxes from Glamour Ghoul and Magick & Macabre.  I didn't get a chance to photograph everything in both boxes, but I'll  share what I can.

First up, Glamour Ghoul!

I'd never gotten a box from this company before, and I only really got excited about this one because its theme was Box of the Living Dead.  The thing about these types of boxes is that it's hit or miss that I'll like everything, or anything, in them.  It's been a solid truth for all boxes, but it's especially true of boxes specifically geared toward female or femme horror fans.  They rely heavily on jewelry and cosmetics, and I'm pickier than most about both.  I don't wear a lot of make up, and I have a standing no-jewelry rule when it comes to receiving gifts from a significant other.  Because of this, Glamour Ghoul was a personal miss for me. 

Living Dead Girl Body Scrub

First up, from Ginger Voodoo is Living Dead Girl Body Scrub.  I'd never been a fan of body scrubs until I'd gotten one from a Spell Box from Witch Baby Soaps, and even though I haven't tried this one yet I'm going to say this was a hit because it smells like strawberries and cream candy.  Inside was a little skeleton charm, which was a neat bonus.

"They're coming for you Barbara!"

Next up was a bit of a miss from Murderous Jewels.  I haven't had a chance to check out her full collection, but I reason I'd easily find something I'd be into based on the fact that I like the style of the bracelet.  Just not the charm.  I'm not that big a fan of the zombie genre as a whole, and had hoped for a more Romero-film themed box.  For that I'd have been better advised to seek out a more traditional horror themed mystery box, so I knew going in that there was bound to be some things I just didn't dig as much as others.  On the bright side, as I mentioned, I like the style of the bracelet so switching out the charm won't be that big of a deal.  Plus, whenever I get things that I'm just not feeling that much I know at least one friend will actually super love it.  I already have a friend in mind for the charm, so hooray for random gift in the middle of October for her!

Living Dead Notebook

From The Risky Rabbit comes the Living Dead Notebook.  It's a little field notebook, and little field notebooks are one of my favorite things.  I have about a million of them.  I use every freaking one.  I'm a compulsive list maker and I appreciate anyone who feeds my obsession, intentionally or otherwise.  Not pictured is the back, with The Risky Rabbit's logo and a memorial plate in honor of George A. Romero.  A+++

Zombie Soap

From a company called The Painted Cat comes BRAAAAAIIIINSSSSS!  I'd have linked this one, but unfortunately contact info wasn't included.  The official name is "Night of the Purring Dead" and it's alleged to be raspberry/vanilla scented.  I don't know, because I haven't opened it.  But it's cute as eff, so this one is a winner so far.  Short of causing a hideous rash, soap will always be a hit in my book.  Probably one of my field books that I keep full of ridiculous lists.


Next up, a zombie cookie cutter from 3D Dreaming. I don't bake, or at least not often.  But don't let that fool you, because I have ONE BILLION COOKIE CUTTERS!!!  I have no idea why.


Finally, from Rebel Rouge Labs comes Zombie Liquid Illuminator.  My spell check would like me to know that "illuminator" is not a a word.  I can only assume that my spell check doesn't know anything about makeup or cosmetics in general. 

I feel ya' Spell Check.  At first I thought this was going to be a scented body oil, but couldn't detect a scent.  So I put a little on my skin to see if my body heat would get things going.  Holy schnitzel, that stuff is sparkly and shiny!  No me gusta! This product, while very very pretty, functions on the assumption that I plan to have enough skin exposed to make it worth using.  That's just not happening!  We're finally creeping closer and closer to sweater weather, and I have been waiting all freaking summer for it.  I'm a bitch that wishes that hijabs weren't religious-wear because DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!!

My sister will love it, because she is a sparkly fairy princess.

Now for Magick & Macabre:

More Soap!
This is Paranormal Pumpkin Soap from Magick & Macabre.  I like that this box comes with a little more info about the products in it, and according to the little card this soap is made by paranormal investigators who use it for both physical and spiritual cleansing after investigations.  Neato.  I can't attest to it's psychic sudsy goodness, but I can say that it smells pretty interesting.  Not at all like other pumpkin scented products, which smell distinctly sweet and sometimes cloying.  This is much more herbal.  Time will tell how in love with this I am, but so far it's not bad at all.

It's a rock y'all!

Tourmaline to be precise.  There's really not a lot to say about this except that I didn't already own a piece.  So, now I do. 

 'Bout to get witchy up in here! 

The Jack O' Lantern Open Veil Protection Spell includes an instruction sheet, an undetermined blend of anointing oil, and a tea light candle.  The actual witchcraft components of the Wicked Witch Sub Box is usually of the 101 variety, which isn't surprising.  I'd be a little appalled if she included instructions for anything complicated or for high rituals.  That's just nutter butters.  Will I use it as instructed.  Lulz, no.  I never do anything as instructed unless someone is paying me.  I do what I want, which is probably why I'm frequently in trouble both socially and legally.  In my defense, I never do anything bad enough to have to resort to witchcraft to get myself out of it.  So far.  I'm relatively young.

You promised not to sue me.

More witchy stuff ahead!

Next up is a Black Stone Scrying Bowl.  This alone made the whole box worthwhile.  I could scry, I could use it as a tiny cauldron.  I could dump stuff in it and forget I have it.  Door number three seems the likeliest fate for this little guy.  Funny that I say guy, since cauldrons are meant to represent the feminine. I call my mom Dude.  What are you going to do?

Please stop Googling lawyers.

What I didn't take pictures of were the little skull charm that was tied to the bag that contained the Samhain spell and a skeleton key necklace.  I assure you, they are both quite pretty and I am wearing them together on the same chain. 

Also not pictured is a bundle of black sage/mugwort.  I now own so much freaking sage I could cleanse all of Kent Ohio.  Black sage is used more for outright spirit communication than white sage, but they can be used similarly.  That's one of the pitfalls of ordering so many boxes this close to Halloween.  My kitchen smells weird.  My cats are going insane.

I don't typically get Magick & Macabre boxes, I've only gotten one or two before.  Honestly, I don't find them particularly useful, but they are fun.  And then, months and months later, I suddenly find a use for something in the box.  So I may not need all of that sage right now, but the new year is coming and I may decide to open a new business.  Something along the lines of paranormal defense.  I'm considering calling it Ghostbusters.

What do you mean that name's already in use?  And what does "copyright infringement" mean?