Monday, May 18, 2015

My Ability To Even...

As I've mentioned, I moved!  I got the bright idea to basically just start all over, something I've done a few times before.  This time I'm doing it with a toddler, so that's no fun.  I found a pretty sweet job, but jobbing means finding a daycare for Stinkbug, so that's no fun.

But find it, I did.  And now I work at a magical wonderland that all my thrifter homies and junk collector compatriots know and love.

Pictured:  Not the actual store I work at.  I'm not crazy.

Now my mission is to find a car and a place of our own.  In the mean time, The Fixer has returned to California to tie up loose ends.  The pragmatic part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop, and find out that those loose ends will never be tied, but I'm choosing to stay optimistic while ensuring that if that worse-case-scenario happens, I'll be able to manage on my own. 

This isn't a terribly interesting post, mainly because I'm just whipping it up to keep this blog active.  I've actually got entertaining things to tell you, whoever it is that reads this, but I've got to get my crap together so that I can ship a hideous George Harrison doll tomorrow.  Seriously, hideous.  But it's old, and people are willing to overlook the nightmare inducing qualities of the thing because The Beatles were one of the greatest rock bands of all time.  So he can go live with some other schmuck, along with the baleful ghost of the dead relationship from hence he came. 

Imma eat yo toes while you sleep little worm!