Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Loot Crate

As promised, here's mine and The Fixer of Things' unboxing.  Also, proof that babies and cats are basically the same thing.  And, further more, that I like tacky shit and cats.

Update! So, the Sharknado book turned out not to be exclusively about "Sharknado". It's more like a survival guide, maybe in the vein of The Zombie Survival Guide, for a variety of horror movie disaster scenarios. There's still a very real chance that it will end up in someone's Christmas stocking, but I'll look it over first.

It occurred to me that I should, perhaps, link to the video that I watched to spoil Loot Crate for myself. It's honestly a better video than mine, if only because his collection of junk is much better and more interesting (and less Wheat Thin littered) than mine. So, if you wish, check him out here.

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