Friday, October 10, 2014

Let's Try This Again

I've started and stopped blogging more times than I can count, mostly because I forget to get crackin' on these things.  But it won't be like that this time.  Probably.

So, just to break the ice, let's play:

Getting To Know "Werewolf Mommy"

I'm a relatively new mom, been at it for nearly a year now.  He doesn't seem worse for wear, so yay!  I'm a homemaker in an economy that doesn't allow someone on my financial situation be one, and it's definitely not by choice, but honestly, if you've ever seen the news here in the Los Angeles area you wouldn't be keen to send your kids to childcare facilities or school here either.  Which actually leads into the fact that I'm an LA transplant from...well, anywhere but here.  I've been around, and California is like another planet.  I'm a not-so-delicate southern flower that can drive in blizzard conditions, I hate palm trees and the sun, and that's just weird in California.

I'm a horror fanatic that got lucky enough to make a baby with someone who shares that passion.  It's part of how "Werewolf Mommy" became what I am.  The other part is for another post, and it is a rather odd story so let's hope I stick it out long enough for whoever is interested in this to find out.  I've got a system of questionable ideas and those change daily.  I'll try to write about a variety of things, because right now my son is still a baby, and babies are kind of boring to everyone but their moms.

Don't lie, you know it's true. 

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