Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Slightly More Halloween-Relevant Post

He Who Fixes The Things, or Jeremy for short, LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES Halloween, as do I.  If every day were Halloween we'd both be as happy as clams.  His fondest ambition is to create and operate a professional quality haunted house, because Jeremy doesn't just love the holiday, he loves the haunt.

He wants to make this happen for you or something.

But there's trouble here in Halloweentown.  When Jeremy was married to his ex wife, they lived in a house with what passes for a yard here in sunny Hell-A.  He could, more or less, build his home haunt to his little heart's content.  Since living with me he's been confined to apartments, limiting how wild and scary he can get.  And now that we find ourselves in close quarters with his mother, a spooky Halloween is off the table.

No scary decorations.  No horror movie marathons, because they scare her.  She loves Halloween too, but she's more a fan of "cute" Halloween.  I mean, I guess it sort of works out--we've got a near one year old, so Halloween sort of has to default to cute for a couple of years.  You know, ease him into the good stuff.  The trouble is that My Lady Mother (in-law) and I have grossly differing opinions about what's cute.  Teddy bears dressed as pumpkins are her Halloween bread-and-butter.  Ok, yeah, that's kind of cute, but not nearly as cute as teddy bears dressed as Freddy Krueger.

That's fuckin' ADORBS!

I think this casts me in a bad light to her, and I know she thinks I'm more than a little weird when I come trotting home with Zombie Pets for my Baby Stinkbug.

Show me the child who doesn't love this.

She's bent and determined to convince me he's scared of things he's never seen--and therefor doesn't know to be so--such as monsters and what have you.  Really, the only thing Stinkbug is scared of is loud, unexpected noises and strangers to a lesser degree.  Oh, and restroom changing tables, which is super weird and inconvenient because then I have to take him to the van to wrestle him into a clean diaper.

She's going to be real bummed out when my first Horror Block finally makes it to my doorstep.  I hemmed and hawed for a while, trying to choose between that or the Box of Dread.  I may still eventually go for Dread, but for now I'll stick with Horror Block and Loot Crate.  Since it's all the rage, I'll probably make an unboxing video for each.  So if you're into that kind of thing, keep an eye out!

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