Monday, February 9, 2015

Horror Block January 2015

I got a Horror Block back in December, and as some may remember with October...I make lofty promises about unboxing videos that I don't deliver on.  Well, I come bearing video for January.  And photos of December, so bonus!

My Block ran late because of horrific weather in the midwest, so I got it about two weeks late.  That's at least a week after most people had made their videos.  I made one anyway.  For you.  For love.

For anyone who doesn't use subscription boxes of any sort, basically you pay whatever amount your box charges and get a surprise goody box full of mystery neatness.  Because of my fairly specific interests, I get Horror Block, brought to you by the sexy Canadian folks that are responsible for Nerd Block.  To illustrate how excited I get over each shipment, I've never been able to film an unboxing.  This remains true, because I'd opened my block before filming, and sorted through my goodies.  Hell, as per usual, I'd even watched a couple of unboxings.  It's hard to avoid when the weather gods cause your block to be so damn late!

Fuck you pretty boy.

The following are just some photos from December's Block, just so that anyone who might be leaning toward purchasing this amazingness can get an idea of what a box might hold.  I'm not even really going to caption, but prepare to covet.

When you squeeze him, his eyes pop out.  Filled with maggots!

That would be a Poltergeist mouse pad.

A The Shining t-shirt that I got to keep, because The Fixer got to keep the last one.

Rue Morgue Magazine

Ok, now for January!

That's it for now.  I watched Dracula Untold this weekend, so I'll be thinking out loud, or in print, or whatever, shortly about that.  *Spoiler* It wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  Coming up as well will be Annabelle and Penny Dreadful, and why Fry's is better than Best Buy.

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