Friday, February 27, 2015

I know I made big, grand promises about content, but I've failed to follow through.

On February 14, we made a tough decision to end one of our cat's suffering.  I hadn't realized how bad Grrbles's condition was, because she'd been MLM(IL)'s cat for nearly 15 years.  So Valentine's Day was super shitty.  But nowhere as shitty as the next day.

Our front door doesn't always catch when you close it, unless you make a point of pulling very hard.  We'd left the house in a hurry on Sunday, with many bullshit errands to run, so the door must not have caught.  Whether the door fell open later, or it was pushed open, we will never know.  I am sure that the neighbor's dog came into the house, looking for our other cat Bob.  I know she's pretty...enthusiastic...about other animals.  What I don't know is why she became so aggressive and completely destroyed the cage my pet rabbit lives in.  I'm fairly certain that had he just hunkered down in a corner he'd have survived, but he bolted.  I don't know if the dog was trying to play with Chocobunny, or if she wanted to kill him, but she did.  We came home to find her in the driveway, still playing with his dead body.

Naturally, I flipped the fuck out.  I won't get into too many details, but just for a general idea, the house was a disaster.  Whatever happened had been gory and violent, and Bob had gotten in the fray in an attempt to defend Choco.  We found new things to clean for a couple of days.  Luckily, Stinkbug is oblivious (the bliss of being a baby) and The Fixer fixed most of the mess while I sat on the couch, holding my rabbit and having a fit.

The house is weirdly quiet without Choco scratching at everything, without Grrbles complaining about everything.  It's empty without that giant house-shaped cage sitting right next to my bedroom.  It's oddly barren, as I dispose of all the grey puffs of fur that Grrbles had a habit of leaving everywhere.  I find them in the weirdest spots.

Bob isn't the same.  He doesn't play the way he used to, he's scared shitless of the dog.  He lingers where Choco's house used to sit.  The more I clean, the more the scents of other animals disappear for him.


I still have Anabelle to watch, and I picked up Penny Dreadful Season One and The Grand Budapest Hotel.  MLM(IL) added The Theory Of Everything to our collection as well.  So, that stuff is still happening.  Just not when I thought it would.  We should have a Horror Block arriving this weekend too, so keep an eye out for the video (assuming I can control myself), if you're into unboxing videos.  I also plan to get a little ridiculous about Monster High, because I'm 10.

Thanks for sticking it out, all six of you who read this thing!

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