Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Things

I'm finally home alone, or as alone as a stay-at-home mom ever is.  Which is never, but a one year old doesn't demand a lot of conversation - or that the channel be changed to The Chew or Rachael Ray.  How I loathe daytime T.V.  I suspect that it's a manifestation of (more) mental illness that I've come to prefer the PBS kids shows.

Not you Pittsburgh PBS.

This is going to be even briefer than a drive-by-post, more like a heads up that I'm still alive for those who are actually following along. 

We survived Christmas, but barely.  We weren't able to do a terrible lot for Stinkbug, and even though he's a baby and won't remember this Christmas, I still felt like shit for it.  I still kind of do.  I reached out to the community at The Bloggess, and was floored when total strangers were willing to help not just me, but my sister as well.  My sister had hit a major bump in the road toward getting her nursing license and had been out of work for a long time.  Between one sister trying so hard - only to get nowhere most of the time - and the other treating her kids like pets that she not-so-secretly hates, I stress out a lot. 

I'll be back soon, with my thoughts on films that I'm, on average, 2 years late getting around to seeing; the horrors hidden in plain sight in the cartoons I let my son watch; possibly a Horror Block unboxing; and my love letter to Honda for making the greatest holiday commercials EVER.  And, now that MLM(IL) is not around during the day, I'll FINALLY get to watch every horror film on Netflix. 

Such an old meme.

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