Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gotta Get Them Dollars...Now, Who's Hiring?

For those (all) of you that don't know, I "successfully" moved back to Ohio, because I hate myself and 10 years of miserable winters just weren't enough for me.  I'm adding the finger quotation marks because it seems to me that a successful move should include having an actual place to live, having a job lined up, and having reliable transportation upon arrival.  I'm not well known for planning well, so in this instance, "made it to Ohio alive" is a pretty good stand in for "success."

The Fixer was originally going to drive Stinkbug and me out in our Jeep, leave the Jeep with us, and fly back to California to continue fixing things.  This is not what happened.  Instead, we ended up borrowing MLM(IL)'s van, which (understandably) she couldn't allow to stay in Ohio while she was still in Cali.  This sucked for a few reasons, including but not limited to:
  • The Fixer having to go back a few days sooner than planned
  • Getting screwed out of $220, which was the cost of The Fixer's unmet flight
  • I HAVE NO CAR!!!
I mean, I've done the no-car show before.  It's not that big of a deal, the actual traveling part.  It's the parts where I have to leave my son with my mom, who's good for half an hour tops.  She's pretty limited in her ability to care for such a small child - hell, she's pretty limited in her ability to take care of herself.  So if I have to go somewhere that takes more than that thirty minutes, I'm ever so slightly screwed.  This is going to make the job interviews I hope to have within a week or so interesting.

Meh.  I'll figure it out.  To my credit, despite living life pretty stupidly and by the seat of my pants, I always figure it out.  

Sorry for the lack of stupid pictures.  The Wi-Fi is kind of wonky at my mom's, and this quick post would take a thousand years longer if I tried to insert my usual running-visual commentary.  As soon as I have something more interesting than "Hey guys, I moved!" to talk about, I'll get my shit back on track.

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  1. Good luck and thinks will turn up for you am sure.